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Seasonal Home Maintenance Checklist: Post Hurricane Season

And just like that, hurricane season is coming to an end. We can all breathe a sigh of relief that Central Florida was spared this season and we had minimal storms over the summer and early fall. But now it’s time to take care of some maintenance items that needed to wait until the rainy hurricane season was over. If you missed the first part of our Seasonal Home Maintenance Checklist, you can see the items for Late Summer here and add whatever you missed to your “honey do list” now.

The POST HURRICANE SEASON is a great time to think back on what you wish you’d had prepared at the start of the season, while your memory is still fresh. Grab that home maintenance log we recommended you start last post, and write down everything that may have gone wrong in your home as the rains were pouring down over the summer.

As the weather cools, especially at nighttime, this season is perfect for getting back outside and tackling labor-intensive projects. It’s also a perfect time to get on the schedule for contractors and estimators before the busy season starts up. We just made appointments to get estimates on adding gutters to our home, which is a HUGE need of ours right now. It’s also a great time to get those French drains dug, get a roofer out to assess the remaining life of your roof, and to consider getting some water-intensive plants established so they can be ready to drink up all that water when the rains return. And, you won’t sweat quite as much as you would have performing these tasks a month ago.

Below are some recommended projects and things to do now that it’s pleasant to be outdoors.

Hopefully this list gets you started on some simple projects that you’re able to DIY. But if you’re not much of a DIY-er, let us know and we can share our list of preferred vendors with you!

Is there a big project on your list that’s going to require more capital than you have on-hand? Contact our preferred lender, America’s Money Source, to see if you can qualify for a cash-out refinance!

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