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Seasonal Home Maintenance Checklist: LATE SUMMER

Somehow you did it…you found a home, had your offer accepted, made the down payment, qualified for the loan, navigated the path from contract to close, and now you’re a HOMEOWNER! Congratulations! But the day after closing can often feel like the day after your wedding; you’ve planned, prepared, saved, and enjoyed the excitement, but now comes the REAL work. Owning a home is an amazing experience, and hands-down the best way to accumulate wealth in the United States. But it definitely takes work and dedication to keep your home in good repair and maintain it as an asset for years to come.

And the best way to care for your home is to stay on top of all of its systems and components, keep it clean, and keep up with preventative maintenance. With so many working parts of a home (roof, A/C, plumbing, electrical, finishes, attic, landscape, etc.), it can seem like a tall order to stay ahead of everything. That’s why we’ve put together a comprehensive list of home maintenance items for you to check off. We’ll be posting a new checklist about every 6 weeks to guide you through what needs to be done, and when we think is best time of year to take care of each item.

Before you get started, we highly recommend grabbing a notebook to log the improvements and repairs you’re doing throughout the year. This will help you if you ever decide to sell as you need to disclose facts about the home to your buyer. It will also help you look back and see the progression of repairs, and the costs of doing some of this work so you can budget in future years. You can just grab a simple Mead notebook, or if you like something fancy, there are some nice ones on Etsy.

The best place to start is where we are now…LATE SUMMER! It’s still incredibly hot outside and raining it seems like every day. Unlike up north where now is the time to tackle outdoor projects, for us Floridians it’s time to hunker down in the AC and pray for winter. Here are some great projects to keep your home in top condition…while staying cool inside!

Hopefully this list gets you started on some simple projects that you’re able to DIY. But if you’re not much of a DIY-er, let us know and we can share our list of preferred vendors with you!

Is there a big project on your list that’s going to require more capital than you have on-hand? Contact our preferred lender, America’s Money Source, to see if you can qualify for a cash-out refinance!

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