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Quick and Easy Updates to Help Sell Your Home

When it comes to selling your house, it’s a lot easier to catch the big repairs than to see the small details. But buyers notice it all, and even one squeaky door can signal issues to them. Here are a few last-minute, easy tweaks that make a big difference.

Clean/ Replace Blinds: Dirty blinds are an eyesore, and you can easily clean them with a damp cloth. Broken blinds are easy to replace, and make a huge visual difference. Even knotted-up strings, missing wands and crooked hardware can turn off potential buyers. They see the replacements necessary as the result of poor maintenance. Make it easy for them by running to your local hardware store and grabbing some replacement blinds.

Silence squeaky doors/ drawers: Potential buyers will cringe at the sound of a squeaky door or drawer that you’ve totally tuned out. Grab a $5 can of WD-40 from your local hardware store, and spray down all door hinges and drawer tracks.

Working Light bulbs: Sometimes closet lightbulbs, hallway sconces and other little used light fixtures get overlooked for dead lightbulbs. You may even have to drag out the ladder for tall fixtures, but buyers check every switch, and the difference in lighting will be noticeable. A dead lightbulb is most likely the cause, but potential buyers may think worse electrical problems are at hand.

No Seasonal Decor:Your eyes probably don’t even see the off-season string of lights in that tree or the unlit Rudolph hiding in the scraggly bushes. But buyers will, so pack up the outdated seasonal touches or throw them out. Even in-season decorations should be kept minimal and easily removable. Dead mums, old pumpkins, Holiday wreaths and garlands all need to be tucked away.

First Impression Front Door: Most homeowners don’t check their front door area regularly, so it can become an overlooked area. Make sure the surrounding area is swept and the doorbell works. A new, plain doormat or shiny door knocker can make a nice first impression for buyers. Clean the mailbox, too it’s often caked in grime and spiderwebs.

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