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Pro Tip: How to Declutter and Recover After the Holidays

Written by Merigan Barton

Toys, Toys, and more toys! A brand new American Girl Doll, a huge new LOL doll house, art and craft supplies, clothes, electronics, video games, board games all sitting in my living room waiting for a place to go. I already feel like my house is going to burst so where will these new treasures go? Here are some tips that helped me get organized after Christmas.

1. DECLUTTER. Empty out all those toy bins and start tossing. Here are some items you can quickly toss to make room for new ones:

  • Puzzles with missing pieces
  • Games/ Toys that are not longer age appropriate
  • Books that are damaged
  • Broken toys that you have been meaning to fix
  • Unplayed with items
  • Clothes that are too small
  • Clothes that don’t get worn
  • Outdated/unplayed video games


Now that you have got rid of all the clutter , it’s time to find a home for what stays! Is your current storage system working or do you need to move to an area with more space? Group like items together and see how much your collection has grown and if it will fit in current storage space. If not, you will need to do a little space planning to make this work. Consider areas of your home you don’t use often. For example, that formal dining room could be a great place to store puzzles!


Bins, boxes, baskets for storage that are also pretty enough to be displayed. If you have a room with bookshelves you may need to give it a make-over. You can create more space by stacking books horizontally and top it with a prized small toy. Add boxes to shelves to hide game controllers, art supplies and smaller toys.


Make sure the donation box is in the car and out of your home asap. Take out the trash! Don’t give yourself or your kids time to decide they can’t live without something that needs to go.

I hope these tips help you as much as they did me! Once you have your space organized the next step is maintaining it. My next blog will give you some great tips on how to maintain your space with little effort. Happy New year and remember…. Tis better to donate than accumulate.

Merigan Barton is a full-time, professional, Realtor® serving the greater Orlando area. For more information about buying, selling, or investing in Orlando real estate, visit her website here

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