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Let’s Feng Shui!⛩🚪🖼

As Orlando becomes more and more popular with international homebuyers, it’s important to consider what these buyers want most in a home. For Chinese buyers, who currently make up over 16% of international homebuyers, Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate and the Asian Real Estate Association of America (AREAA), tell us that feng shui is the second most important consideration, behind neighborhood safety.

But feng shui is more than just furniture arrangement…it’s a wholistic approach to how energy should flow in and through your home.  At it’s core, feng shui ensures a home has positive energy, and will bring health, wealth, and good luck to the owner. Below are some home characteristics that many Chinese buyers are willing to pay a premium for:


  • If the home is located at the dead end of a street, it’s probably going to be a deal-breaker. Air can’t flow freely at a dead end, so bad air accumulates.
  • When a road or river bends around a home, it’s a sign of being protected and embraced.
  • If the home has a mountain behind it (we’re out of luck here in Florida), the owner of the home has “backing”, which is good fortune.
  • A home near a theater can have unstable energy because of the fluctuations in when the audience comes in and out. It could mean frequently changing luck.
  • Homes close to places of worship or cemeteries have negative energy as those are places for gods and ghosts.


  • If the stove in the kitchen is visible from the front/main entry, the fire from the stove can block the inflow of wealth.
  • When there’s a bathroom at the center of the home, the owner could have bad luck making money, and possibly poor health.
  • A bathroom door facing the front/main entry door will contaminate the energy that people face when entering the home.
  • Arched front doors symbolize tombstones and indicate the owner could have trouble.


  • Beds should be located in a “commanding position”, where you can see the door while you lie down, but are not facing the door.
  • Mirrors should not face the bed.
  • Place a few nice plants or pretty objects above kitchen cabinets so as not to attract stagnant energy and dust.
  • Locate a water feature near the entrance (inside or out), and make sure the water, which symbolizes wealth, flows toward the center of the home.

While some of these principles are out of our control as home sellers, there are many more things that can be done to help the flow of energy in your home. For more tips, or to schedule a Home Staging Consultation with Your Florida House Prep, click here.


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