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Home is Where the ❤️ is on Valentine’s Day

It’s almost here…that special time of year when Hallmark and the world tell you it’s time to show everyone how much you love your significant other. Valentine’s Day.

Don and I have a love-hate relationship with this day. While we’re big fans of sweets and eating out and being in love, we’re not fans of crowds and spending money. Before we were married, we would plan elaborate nights out to celebrate. But the wait times, poor service, and packed restaurants were too much of a hassle. Eventually we decided to stop venturing out on this crazy day and keep our celebration where it belongs…in the home we’ve made together.

One of us is responsible for cooking, and the other for entertainment. Some years we’ve sat down and planned a vacation, searched through dream homes (cause that’s what we do), bought a movie that’s just out of theaters, or binged a show. This year it’s my turn to cook, and I’m cooking this recipe from Healthy Seasonal Recipes – the Big Sexy Tarragon Steak. And if I’m feeling ambitious and the boss lets me out early, I’ll add this simple risotto from The Kitchn. Don’s plans for entertainment…Cool Vacations, Million Dollar Homes, Great Movies to Stream.

This works for us, but in case you’re into the excitement of the big day, our friends at Orlando Date Night Guide have a great list of things to do in town for your Valentine’s celebration. IF I were venturing out, my picks would be the Sunset Paddle in Winter Park, or the Wine Blending Showdown at Quantum Leap Winery.

Enjoy the day, lovebirds!


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