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Does Staging Work?

The first step to selling your home for the most amount of money in the least amount of time is to find and hire the right real estate agent. After we meet with a home seller, and decide to work together, one of the services we offer is a FREE home staging consultation. Sometimes we’ll bring in an interior designer for assistance and other times we’ll offer helpful tips based on our experience. This includes ways to increase lighting, improve flow, decrease clutter, and enhance the overall showing experience for buyers. For homes that have resisted sale after 30 days on the market, or for homes that have unique living space challenges, we work with our clients to select a qualified local staging company to fully refresh and stage a listing. Here are a few before and after shots from one of our recently staged listings:

Home staging doesn’t just mean throwing a bed into an empty room and adding a couple bar stools in the kitchen. Professional staging companies go a step further to add accessories which make a property feel more like a home than a furniture store. See below for an example of some home staging accessories that should be included with any professional service.

Ambiance packages are some of the final touches put into home staging and these include speakers to play relaxing music as well as scent diffusers to make the home smell clean and fresh, even if it’s been unoccupied for some time. All home staging companies are not created equal and you typically get what you pay for so be sure to interview multiple companies, compare pricing quotes, and request client testimonials before making any decisions. When working with Your Florida House Team, we have a list of vetted and reputable companies to refer if we decide, together, that home staging is a component of the right home selling solution for you.

Have you been thinking about selling your Orland area home? Start by requesting an instant home equity report at and one of our experienced REALTORS® will get in touch to help you start the process of selling your home for the most amount of money in the least amount of time.

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