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A Socially Distant Mothers’ Day

Along with our frontline healthcare professionals, first responders, and essential service workers, Orlando moms have been busting their tails these past two months juggling careers, home schooling, partners underfoot, and all sorts of other stress.

Our moms are always worthy of the annual holiday in their honor, but this year it feels like they’ve earned it even more. While we’re used to juggling as moms, none of us expected to become teachers, chefs, personal trainers, and referees overnight to our kids. Moms really need a break this year, but with most restaurants still closed or offering limited service, and salons, barbers, and spas still shut down, how can you show our appreciation for these ladies that run our world?

Merigan, Kaytlyn, and I have come up with some ideas on how to pamper the mom in your life (whether she be an empty-nester, mom to school-aged kids, a mom-to-be, toddler-wrangler, or dog/pet mom) in this year’s unique circumstances.

Pregnant moms, new moms, and toddler/preschool moms:

The key for these moms is very simple: we need rest! We juggle changing bodies, crazy sleep and feeding schedules, and endless tantrums. Even with the help of a partner, moms expend a ton of mental and physical energy simply keeping our children alive and out of the hospital. Daycares are closed, playdates cancelled, and we can’t really even go to the doctor in some cases.

For pampering and showing you care, give these moms an extra hour of sleep, three meals prepared and delivered, and a nice, hot bath with a relaxing scent like lavender. Take the kids out on a run or to a park or the pool when they hit their peak crazy time – for my kid that’s around 4-6pm. For physical gifts, think items like decadent face creams, a silk pillowcase, noise-cancelling headphones, and maybe a subscription to a relaxing app (I like the Calm app, and use it frequently to rest my mind when I’m trying to fall asleep).






For moms of school-aged kids:

First, these moms need to be given permission to give themselves a break. It starts with turning off that voice that says the counters need to be clear, or Joey didn’t brush his teeth today, or Kate’s math work isn’t finished. All of that can wait. Partners, kids, and friends of these moms might just want to say to these moms in their best Elsa voice…LET IT GO! Or better yet, just for today (or if you’re ambitious, make it a habit), take that extra effort to see the things that a mom sees; make a list of stuff mom takes care of and keeps track of, and take on some of that yourself so she can relax.

Keep it simple with gifts for these worn-out mamas. A gift card to her favorite store, a really nice bottle of wine, and dinner ordered in from her favorite restaurant. Or, better yet…just ask her what you can do to make her day better. Also, click here for a special message from Merigan for these moms who play counselor, teacher, coach, hairdresser, maid, and so much more, all while trying to keep up with a demanding job.

Empty-nesters and grandmas (or Gammys as we call ours):

Being a mom is never over. It’s just something you are from the minute you find out a kiddo is coming along until the last time you close your eyes. Older moms have been stuck on the sidelines lately, sometimes not even able to see their children or grandchildren over the past couple months. That can take a toll, especially if mom is widowed or divorced. One great way to honor these moms is to let them know they did a great job with you. You really can’t hear that enough. If you’re socially distancing from her, make some extra time for a long call or FaceTime session. Listen to her stories, ask her about her own mom. Meet her at a park or take a socially-distanced stroll down Park Avenue (they’re having a great Mothers’ Day sidewalk sale this weekend – check it out here).


And to celebrate her with gifts…flowers are always the way to go with a mature mom. That, and pictures of the grandkids. If you’re able to see her physically, call her stylist and see if they’ll pre-mix her hair color so you can help her cover up her grays. I know my mom is stressing out about her hair right now!

Let’s not forget our pet moms:

Raising animals is no small job, and pet moms have to have a ton of patience to get through. Most children don’t poop on your bed if they’re mad at you, or chew up your favorite pair of shoes when they’re bored. If you love a pet mom, give her a little break on the day-to-day duties like brushing or bath time, or cleaning the litter box. Let her have some time to pamper herself instead of your pet.

To celebrate your favorite fur-mom, find an animal-friendly restaurant to enjoy together. The nice thing about the re-opening rules is that patio seating is allowed again, and places like Kelly’s Ice Cream, Vanberry’s Public House, 903 Mills Market, and Tijuana Flats are all super pet-friendly. Another great option is to pack a lunch and plan a picnic on a dog-friendly beach, like Smyrna Dunes Park or Ponce Inlet Dog Beach. Just make sure to bring the dog toys (please don’t make mom pack them), as well as towels to clean up your pup, and blankets or chairs to lounge on.


Going stir crazy in your home and want to find a new one…maybe with more space? Reach out to Merigan or Kaytlyn to set up a customized home search.

Enjoy your day, mamas!

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