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  • 3 Things Every Pet Owner Should Know Before Listing Their Home For Sale

3 Things Every Pet Owner Should Know Before Listing Their Home For Sale

Guest Blog written by Your Florida House Team agent Kaytlyn Jenkins

As a Real Estate Professional and Dog Mom myself, I often see many pet owners make mistakes when putting their homes on the market! Not taking the time to accommodate your furry family members  can potentially cause harm or stress to your pets, and even cause you to loose money and time on the market. Here are my 3 Top 3 tips every homeowner should know before listing their home for sale.

#1 Find a Pet Friendly Agent

  • SAFETY/CAPABILITY We all want our pets to be safe! When you’re interviewing REALTORS® to market and sell your home, be sure to ask is if they’re comfortable and familiar with the type of pet you have. If the agent isn’t comfortable with your pets then it will be evident to buyers and will distract from the showing process. In the event that showings occur when you are not there, your REALTOR® will be handling your pets during showings so they should have experience with leashes, cages, locks, toys and other equipment.
  •  CARE/COMMUNICATION  Finding an agent willing to care and give you peace of mind about whats going on with your pets while you are away is the key to your sanity during your time on the market. As an agent, I have been there for showings to make sure doors stay closed for cats, to help keep dogs calm while strangers walk through their territory, and I’ve even taken pets for walks while the buyers look through the home. Finding the agent willing to go the extra mile to ensure your pets have a Paw-some experience while selling your homes is priceless.


#2 Have a Showing Plan

There are several options for preparing a schedule while buyers are touring your home. Getting them out of the home, if doable, is the best option. Some homeowners choose to keep a pet daycare on call for days when showings pop up unexpectedly. This prevents Barking, blocking off areas of the home buyers may want to see, safety issues, and stress on your pets.

Another option to have is a showing schedule where you decide to block off times and/or days when buyers are able to tour your home. Although this can make it harder for buyers to schedule showings, it makes managing schedules a lot easier on you as the seller.

If none of these options work for you, consider getting a crate. This keeps the pets and visitors safe from unneeded interactions and typically makes the pet feel safer and in their own small space.

#3 The Daily Clean

  • Yard/Box clean up – Buyers look everywhere! Inside and out! You don’t want a potential buyer admiring your beautiful garden but having to hurdle over your pets waste. Same with litter boxes. They are not smell proof, so keeping it picked up on the daily clean will avoid any extra smells and/or unpleasant sights.
  • VACUUM! Take 10 minutes everyday to run the vacuum over your floors to avoid those awful tumbleweeds of animal hair crossing your buyers path while walking through your home! My personal favorite vacuum is the Dyson Animal v10. Its a beast when it comes to getting every last strand of hair!
  • Toys- if your pets are anything like mine they have 500 toys and like to look at everyone of them daily. Having a cute way to store your pets toys makes it much more appealing to the eye. Doing a quick sweep of the toys once a day will keep the floors looking nice and picked up.
  • Furniture- If you have furniture that your pets have scratched or chewed on, consider getting a home stager. Even though the buyers are not purchasing your furniture, scratched or damaged furnishings can give the impression that the rest of the home is rundown as well.

As full-time, professional, REALTOR® and avid animal lover, I want to make sure that your home selling and buying experience is great for both 2 and 4 legged family members! If you have any questions or concerns about your home search, or how to accommodate pets during the process, then Contact Me today to talk about your move.

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